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happydatings asked: Free Online Dating Tips Ebook. Here are just 5 random online dating tips from the Free Dating Tips Ebook: 1.Don’t date to play games. This is my one of the most important online dating tips: dating can involve emotions of people who are included in it. Therefore, if you are looking at date, as something that you enjoy just like your games, then you should rethink it. This is because playing games with people’s emotions is not a good idea. Thus, it is best to see it as something that is serious, since, just like you, other people also do not want to get hurt. On the the next few online dating tips. 2.You don’t have to say that you love a person. That’s one of the more obious online dating tips, but not clear to everyone. Only say the three magic words, when you really mean it. Thus, you don’t have to say it when you truly appreciate the other person for his or her actions. Aside from that, even though you really think that you are falling for him or her, you should not say these words until you have begun building the first few blocks of your relationship. 3.Choosing a site for online dating. Here’s number three of my online dating tips. Online dating provides you a way to meet people that share your interests. In choosing the site though, it is best that you do your research about it. By doing that, you would be ensuring that your information is safe. Aside from that, researching can also help you choose a site that would raise your potentials in finding

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