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Mary asked:

I would say what is typical is within three dates. How long do people nowadays wait to have *** when first dating? When should you invite a guy over for the first time? How long should you wait before having *** for the first time? I would say within a month or six dates. We’re in our late 30’s. Thx.
Does it not work out into a relationship if you have *** within two weeks or four dates? Thanks.

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greenroom12 asked:

How should I go about getting my ex back? We recently started talking and all seems to be going well, I just don’t know how to get her to open up with me more and be a little Flirty and such with me. I am certain I can respark our relationship I would love any advice that could help me to get her to like me more . Like flirting advice and stuff like that. Thank you very much!

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Rock S asked:

Almost typical guy, 30, very successful. Been overweight all life long and never formally dated, or had a relationship. However, I’ve lost a lot of weight. Was 450 now 300 and will go down to 225. Women seem a lot more interested. Need help figuring this out and what dating really looks like. Don’t know much about anything and need advice on dating and ***. Don’t want to go out there and look completely stupid.

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