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mandrakeknows asked: Online dating tips for shy and quiet guys are extremely important. Why? Because their approach is different – because it has to be. The good news is that this is about focusing on your strengths as a shy or quiet guy. You have a lot to offer as a man. Make sure you understand that. Your Mandate To Love is a website focused on mens dating and relationships with a strong personal development and personal responsibility theme. The quality of your relationships is determined by the quality of your level of wareness and the knowledge you have to be able to apply that in real life situations. Your Mandate To Love is focused on helping you not only meet the girl – but to keep her as well. Meeting is about ‘dating’ Keeping is about developing ‘relationships’. Your Mandate To Love is focused primarily on helping you to develop ALL of your relationships:- with people, with women obviously…and importantly with yourself. Start making those necessary connections in your life and start enjoying richer and more fulfilling relationships in your life. Online dating tips for shy and quiet guys need to acknowledge not just the areas for development – but the inherent strengths a man has as well. Visit us and join up today!

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