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greenroom12 asked:

How should I go about getting my ex back? We recently started talking and all seems to be going well, I just don’t know how to get her to open up with me more and be a little Flirty and such with me. I am certain I can respark our relationship I would love any advice that could help me to get her to like me more . Like flirting advice and stuff like that. Thank you very much!

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Kela M asked:

I have a boyfriend and i really like him, but like a friend. And I have this bad habbit of breaking up with my BFs right after getting them. But I can tell I do not like him anymore. The love has faded and I wanna break up with him. What are some good tips with out hurting him so much?

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мιℓℓιon ∂oℓℓαя ∂яεαм asked:

I always felt dumb because I would always have a crush on a guy very easily until I met my boyfriend I fell in love with him and now I realize the difference between crushes and love.

I love him to death and I would kill myself if we broke up (not really but you know what I mean).

But, I keep thinking about him breaking up with me and it being this big thing. Why do I keep doing this?

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