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MakingUpTDUB asked: Do you make these mistakes with your ex? -We try to convince them we are the love of their life -We will apologize profusely for everything -Promise to change for good this time -Try to get them to see that it wasn’t really our fault -Even beg with them to take us back and of course with every word we utter, regardless of our intention, the more and more defensive, angry and distant they become. Please knowthis is not your fault! You weren’t taught this in school. You probably weren’t taught this by your parentsand there is no “get your ex back” night school… Yeah? And it is really a shame too because what could be more important than love? ..Cars?…Money?…Clothes?…ALGEBRA? So why? Are there all kinds of books, magazines and help on fixing a car, managing money and all the latest fashions, yet very little USEFUL information on how to fix a broken relationshipmanage your emotions or getting the love of your life back? Crazy huh? And now as you will soon see…all that has changed. Go here for more info and help: The Magic of Making up

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