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DMR asked:

When asked, girls typically don’t like that i am dating others and not just them. I get this question on the first or second date if I am seeing others. What is the best way to respond without hurting my date or offending her?

If she gets the idea of me dating just her, I feel that is the same as a relationship. Which I will not jump into on a first or second date without knowing that person.

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I is a kangaroo asked:

I broke up with my ex in May, we hung out all summer but we went our separate ways after summer. We went into our sophomore years of college still in love, but I had *** with two other girls and she found out.

I realized I made a mistake and I want her back. She told me she’s dating a new guy, but its “nothing serious”..

She claims she still loves and cares about me, but she is afraid to get into a relationship with me b/c she doesn’t want to get hurt. Now she tells me she wants “space”.. (we attend different schools and we haven’t talked since Saturday.)

She is sponsor for my Catholic confirmation Saturday, so I will see her. How can I win back my girl?
I also did not cheat on her, we weren’t together. And I would like serious answers, not absurd ones…lol

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jirmantogo asked:

I am in my 3rd year of college. There’s this girl I like who is in one of my classes. I have never dated any girls before, so I am kind of nervous. She and I are going to go out. Does anyone have a recommendation as to which kind of place is best to go to on a first date? What should I wear? I am planning to be very low key, not too fancy, just trying out the dating scene/ not seriously looking for someone yet. Any pieces of advice that you guys have?

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