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expertvillage asked:

Answers to the unwritten rules of dating for women are difficult to find and can’t be learned with girlfriend conversation. Learn more about the unwritten rules of dating with tips from the author of a book on dating in this free video on relationship advice. Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn Contact: Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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Billy L asked:

My girlfriend keeps breaking up with me and now she says she wants to be alone for a bit. i call bull and think she met someone, but she swears up and down she hasnt. she wont speak to me and keeps ducking me. but every so often she wants to break up then changes her mind. now its worse. i dont want anybody else. whats she doing? seeing someone o just intentionally trying to hurt me?

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