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HI, so my ex an I broke up about 6 months ago and he started dating a new girl like a week after but still would talk to me all the time. We got in a few arguments and didn’t talk for about 3 months. We just kind of started talking again and I still have feelings for him and really want him back. He has still been dating that girl for almost 6 months but I need suggestions. Please don’t comment and say that I’m wrong for trying. ThNks.

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i love love asked:

I listen to artists such as Chris Brown, Jesse McCartney, and recent artists out there.
I’m looking for a song that sings about breaking up or being insecure because your partner doesn’t spend enough time with you or doesn’t understand your feelings or takes you for granted?
Thank you in advance.

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pippitpop asked:

Okay well I want to break up with my girlfriend because we have nothing in common and we can never have a conversation lasting longer than 5 minutes.
The closest thing to in person I have is by calling her.
I don’t want to be mean and just say “I’m breaking up with you” and then hang up. I want to let her down easy and be as nice as possible, because I still care about her feelings.

After I break up with her, how should I end the call?

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