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Suicidal Girl x/3 asked:

okay, so i like this boy, but i dont wanna be bf/gf with him, i went out with him before, but he neevr talked to me and was always rly shy, we actually ended up in a fight and i ended up punching him in the face cuz of rage!!

now wer are so over that and we rly good friends. a while ago he told me he liked me and i told him too, nowthat im single i wanna go on a date with him this friday, altough idk if hell hold my hand or anything like i wanna, and i liek him alot! im not scared to ask him just he doesnt like showing public effection sumtimes. should i ask him on a date again? and if he says yes, should i tell him id like to at least hold hands?

plz i need more advice!

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