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Samantha asked:

I’m writing the first chapter of my story. It starts off with my main character Kim instant messsaging her boyfriend Benjamin. Kim is breaking up with Benjamin. I need hilarious break up phrases, quotes, lines, or a dialogue. I want it to be really funny but harsh and mean at the same time because Kim is very cruel, cocky, and sarcastic.

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twssshow asked: Are you sick and tired of that emo wussy boy crying every time he sees a Hallmark commercial? Are you pining for a ruggedly handsome, albeit a little on the shorter side, filipino? Well the first thing you’ll need to do is get rid of that dead weight that is keeping you from the greener pasture. Michelle sits down with famed author and breakup expert, Kelsey Johns, to find out some tips and tricks on breaking up with someone. twss love romance *** dating advice breaking up dumping interviews “breaking benjamin” couples relationships strauss tips Michelle Coyle Battlestar Ron Moore

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