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Don’t condone a cheating boyfriend’s behavior in order to handle the situation. Learn ways to handle a cheating boyfriend with tips from a relationship specialist in this free video about advice for ending relationships. Expert: Joe Cuenco Contact: Bio: Joe Cuenco is the author of “Married For 5000 Years,” a research book that analyzes marriage. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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6 Responses to “Relationship Advice: Breaking Up : How to Handle a Cheating Boyfriend”

  1. Anow171

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  2. RudryDJ

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    “You need to communicate. You need to talk about it….

    … He needs professional help. There’s nothing you’re gonna be able to do”

    Ahaha… this guy hasn’t got a clue fairplay. People actually pay this man to help them with their family problems? God help them after ten easy sessions!


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