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25 Responses to “Online Dating Tips: Profile Pictures”

  1. narjis elahi

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  2. Marketta Breuer

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  3. CaptinVegas

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    hahhaahahahahah! DO Not do that on your first date, EVER! I love this guys facts though… ****! hahahah. Either way, his tips do make a good point. I ve always like the random profile pics that have been taken straight from the internet. With high contrast resolution and professional lighting. unless theyre a model. Anyways. good stuff.

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    good video man

  4. WakingEmptyx

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    You know what’s pretty hilarious? My ex is currently scavenging the online dating world for e-ass. (I know because I was researching online dating websites myself and found his profile.) He only has one picture up, and it’s five years old. He added the caption, “Sorry there is only one pic up. I have more on Facebook, but none seem to upload.” That’s code for, “That picture is five years old and I’ve let myself go since then.”


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