Many men wish they would know how to make a date go better. They meet a great woman, they get her to agree to go out with them and then after that first date, they know that they just didnt make the right impression. Are you one of these men? Heres how you can improve your game 

Lets first talk about you actually asking her out so that you can have a date with her. The guys who win are not the ones with all the smooth pick-up lines, and if they do, they do not stay up there for long. Be genuine and dont come off as cocky. The more genuine and humble a guy comes off, the more likely it is that he will get a woman to date her. Of course you will be confident at the same time so that you dont come away looking like a desperate person. Another thing, if you promise a woman that you will call her to arrange a date, call her when you said you would if you want to have your date come through easy. For most women, this is a sign of a responsible man. 
We are now going for the date and the first thing you want to do is look at what you look like. No woman likes a man who doesnt take care of himself. It doesnt mean that you go for a manicure and a whole new wardrobe. Dress true to your style in clean clothes and then carry your look with confidence. Coincidentally, you will notice that if you contradict your sense of style, you will lose all confidence. 
Get to your date on time. Again, a responsible and respectful man will get to the agreed place on time. If you had not made reservations, pick a table where you can have a private conversation, but not so far from the rest of the room that your date feels trapped. 
Conversation is the big date killer. You probably already know something about your date, so ask her in a natural way to tell you about what she does or what she thinks about certain interesting things, like the latest news sensation. Dont be boring by going through the weather etc. Also, the worst thing you can do is keep talking, telling so much about yourself that your date cannot get a word in. She will think that you are conceited and full of yourself. Dont shout let her feel that you are talking to her alone. 
If you can help it, dont keep saying hello to people passing by as you are on your date. If you live in a small community where people know you, you should consider taking the date to a place where they cannot see you a public place though. A secluded restaurant or a hidden table will do just fine. If she seems uneasy, explain that you know lots of people who may be saying hello every few minutes and you had planned to spend this time with her alone. You come off as honest. 
Can you keep criticism out of the conversation? It usually comes off as whining and complaining. 

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