keefriffhard212 asked: This Video is on “Dating Tips for Men- Flirting tips for men-from a woman” Get the powerful FREE REPORT That Most Men Will Never Know will Never Know about Women”! At – Learn SECRETS- you need to know to meet and date women. http – Flirt…

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  1. SpikedYum

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    I just had to click on this. I recently went on something about how women catch a player and aparantly a main one to catch a player is that the guy will keep eye contract and will smile. On this the woman says keep eye contact and smile?

  2. kardzfn21

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    Don’t jump to conclusions-I don’t shave 7 days a week, why not? Not b/c I can’t take of myself b/c I have a BIG scar on my neck it has to be their otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to put in this device that’s like a pace-maker but is for my seizures-the device runs next to my heart, through my neck, & 2 my brain. I became so sick of people asking me what the scar on my neck is for & having to explain what a seizure is I decided shave 2-3 x’s a week, & the rest of the week- scar’s covered!


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