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Suicidal Girl x/3 asked:

okay, so i like this boy, but i dont wanna be bf/gf with him, i went out with him before, but he neevr talked to me and was always rly shy, we actually ended up in a fight and i ended up punching him in the face cuz of rage!!

now wer are so over that and we rly good friends. a while ago he told me he liked me and i told him too, nowthat im single i wanna go on a date with him this friday, altough idk if hell hold my hand or anything like i wanna, and i liek him alot! im not scared to ask him just he doesnt like showing public effection sumtimes. should i ask him on a date again? and if he says yes, should i tell him id like to at least hold hands?

plz i need more advice!

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i love love asked:

I listen to artists such as Chris Brown, Jesse McCartney, and recent artists out there.
I’m looking for a song that sings about breaking up or being insecure because your partner doesn’t spend enough time with you or doesn’t understand your feelings or takes you for granted?
Thank you in advance.

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jirmantogo asked:

I am in my 3rd year of college. There’s this girl I like who is in one of my classes. I have never dated any girls before, so I am kind of nervous. She and I are going to go out. Does anyone have a recommendation as to which kind of place is best to go to on a first date? What should I wear? I am planning to be very low key, not too fancy, just trying out the dating scene/ not seriously looking for someone yet. Any pieces of advice that you guys have?

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centimetro6 asked:

I’m looking for a few women’s dating advice books… ones that are really popular or famous in particular. By women’s dating advice, I mean these books give advice for women on how to deal with, attract, or keep a man/men either inside or out of a relationship.

I welcome either digitally downloaded e-book suggestions or traditional books.

Thank you for any help!

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