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LaBellaAriella asked:

I have two close friends, one of whom is my boyfriend’s roommate, who are breaking up. It seems like they are both pretty upset about it, and I don’t know how I’m supposed to act. They are both a huge part of our group of friends, and I don’t want either of them to be hurt further by this situation by losing their core group of friends. Is there any use in trying to reconcile the two of them, or should I just stay out of it?

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Stephanie C asked:

ok well i always hear that im pretty im 14 have light brown eyes light skin long brown hair latina.
but i dont seem to get boyfriend as much as my cuzin
and she has had like 6 boyfriends she is a year younger. ive only had 2.sometimes i wonder if its cuz im not that pretty. or
i think its because i am sooo shy! my last relationship ended because i barely talked to him(shyness). now i have a boyfriend but i barely talk to him and i feel like this isnt going to be a long relationship
i need advice!! how do i get over this shyness.

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