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DMR asked:

When asked, girls typically don’t like that i am dating others and not just them. I get this question on the first or second date if I am seeing others. What is the best way to respond without hurting my date or offending her?

If she gets the idea of me dating just her, I feel that is the same as a relationship. Which I will not jump into on a first or second date without knowing that person.

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Daniel asked:

I’m just wondering what are some good ways to start dating? I’m a bit of a shy person, so at age 25, it’s starting to get a bit hopeless thinking maybe I’m starting to get uglier by the year. So I’m just wondering good ways to start dating again? I tried online dating services with no luck. I’m hearing impaired so I really can’t go to bars and stuff, but one to one conversations work very well to a certain extent.

Any ideas?

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Susu asked:

I’m already dating a guy from work and we have a great relationship except that nobody at work knows and there are rumors about me dating other guys at work. They know I’m dating but because I don’t say who they speculate and that’s how rumors start. They also tell my bf that he should date so and so. Anyway, what would be the pros of letting people know who am I dating and what would be the cons?

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Enlightenme! asked:

I would say most of my dates (80-90%) come from online dating sites since it is more convenient (although I do not want to be dependent on it). However, some sites are riddled with spammers, so it definitely has it’s faults.

The traditional way of meeting people (face to face at parties, etc.) is still probably preferred.

What is your take on this? Which method do you prefer and what proportion of your dates come from online sites?


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