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Suzette. asked:

I am always having dreams that me and my boyfriend are breaking up for numerous reasons. He and I have been dating two years, and wer’e about to become a long distance relationship. I keep having dreams that we break up, and then along the line, no matter what, we always get back together. What could this symbolize? And don’t give me crap about dreams meaning nothing, because then I’ll just spam you. I’m looking for a theoretical answer.

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Katlin H asked:

i’ve had alot of weird dreams lately and a few times i’ve had the dreams where your boyfriend breaks up with you in the dream.
this dream doesn’t happen alot but it happens every once and a while and i do sleep in the same bed as him and i usually wake up quickly and sometimes start to cry in the mornings.
i don’t fear breaking up but these breaking up dreams are strange? is it coming back to me, because i had a fear of breaking up before or is it because i’m just stressed out?

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